Looking for a super quick and affordable party treat idea

Do you need a quick simple idea for a cake sale? We a fun cake sale recipe which is not only affordable but also easy and quick idea to share.

1 Packet Marie Biscuits, 1 Packet Marshmellows, Ready made icing or make your own,1 Packet sweets for toppings ie: smarties, hundreds and thousands or jelly beans.

Lay out the marie biscuits individually on a microwave safe plate, use half the packet of biscuits. Cut the marshmellow’s in half and place one on each marie. Pop in the microwave for a few seconds until the marshmellows have melted, take them out and quickly place a marie on top of each one.

Now ice the top of each marie and put the toppings on and voila! If you find this useful please fell free to share with your friends.


Strong durable marquees to purchase

DIY Marquee has some fantastic Cheap Clearance Marquees for sale, have a look and grab yourself a brilliant deal. So if you are a hire company, council, emergency services or local organisation have a look at how you can save money and purchase one of these.

DIY Marquee UK Marquee Purchase has some stock that was intended for the German market but the intended recipient has unfortunately gone bankrupt. So we’re putting the marquees on ebay at reduced prices to clear them.
These are not standard stock items but they are very very good. Essentially they are all pagoda design marquees with a combination of our commercial and deluxe features -2.3m tall eaves, 500gsm PVC, 38mm framework.
There’s some on buy it now and there’ll be some on auction in the next few days:
4x8m pagoda
5x10m pagoda
6x12m pagoda
6x6m pagoda
7x7m pagoda
Happy bidding

Click here for more information on party tents for sale or marquee purchase.


LONDRES – Une ville comme les autres “Londres est une énigme.” – GK Chesterton

Londres … une ville de plus de 2 millénaires, pleine d’aventure et de mystères inexplorés curieux. La ville la plus visitée au monde, Londres est la maison à une grande variété de la culture et les gens avec plus de 300 langues parlées dans ses limites. Avec beaucoup de choses à voir, à partir du monde à vos pieds de haut au-dessus du London Eye, de trésors inestimables dans le British Museum ou la meilleure scène de théâtre à la célèbre West End, Londres offre un terrain de jeu pas comme les autres – pour travailler, jouer, et même famille.

Prenez votre prochain voyage à Londres, et l’expérience de la ville la seule façon vous devez: en tant que natif! N’hésitez pas à découvrir et à vivre, location de vacances à londres ! Tous nos Appartements à louer à Londres sont meublées à un niveau 5 étoiles, et dispose de tout le confort dont vous aurez besoin. Des cuisines entièrement équipées à l’accès WiFi, nous fournissons le complément parfait pour vos vacances, ou même pendant votre emploi dans la ville.


Holiday in style with Holiday Lets London

LONDON – A CITY UNLIKE ANY OTHER “London is a riddle.” ― G. K. Chesterson

London… a city over 2 millennia old, full of unexplored adventure and curious mysteries. The world’s most visited city, London is home to a diverse variety of culture and people with more than 300 languages spoken within its boundaries. With plenty to see, from the world at your feet high above in the London Eye, to priceless treasures in the British Museum, or the best theatre scene at the famed West End, London provides a playground like no other – for work, play, and even family.

Take your next trip to London, and experience the city the only way you should: as a native! Feel free, to discover and live, with London Holiday Studios! All our Flats for rent in London are furnished to a 5 star standard, and features all the comforts you will ever need. From fully fitted kitchens to WiFi access, we provide the perfect complement to your holiday, or even during your employment in the city.


Do you need a reliable builder?

Paint it, decorate it, refurbish it…. You name it South London Refurbishments does it! Known for their quality workmanship has given them a household name with most of their work coming from referrals and word of mouth. People recommend SLR for the affordable and professional work they undertake.

SLR Builders South London is certainly a company that deserves recognition with the great experience we had on a recent project undertaken at very short notice. From the first point of contact until the project was completed we had first class service from them. Our home finally feels complete with the additional space maximised by a loft conversion and decorated in such a way that it feels more spacious than it actually is. SLR has gone beyond our expectations and we do not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.


Dukes of Daisy professional reliable companion service

Are you tired of going to the movies alone or daunted by the thought of going out on a date on your own when others have partners. Do you long for company on a weekend getaway or work function? Why not rent a friend London ?

Dukes of Daisy have the perfect professional service to meet these needs. They offer a reliable, affordable and friendly companion service. You can rent a man or rent a woman as easy as a few clicks of a button. They have a large selection of rent a friend to choose from be in a sporty, serious, fun loving or active person there is someone for everyone.

Rent a friend London or rent a friend Kent is simple. Select the person you would like to be your companion, book the date and time and the person will then be yours for the occasion. No strings attached just a good fun companion is sometimes all one needs to make us feel more confident and less lonely.


IBS for all your Industrial equipment

IBS are market leaders in innovative Industrial Services equipment and solutions. They have a reputation as leaders in cutting edge technology for Industrial Blower Equipment such as Industrial Vacuum Loader and Industrial Vacuum Services which are known for their high performance, robust equipment, cost effective and versatility. So versatile they vacuum wet and dry spillage and dust right through.

Hiring equipment from IBS is simple and affordable, they have liquid ring, rotary vane, side channel, claw and roots type vacuum pumps available to minimise our customers down time in the event of:

Emergency breakdown
Planned repair/maintenance
Short-term demand
Testing of new systems
Accidental damage


Enjoy a weekend break away from home

Relax and escape the city life to Bed and Breakfast Five Oaks and Bed and Breakfast Rudgewick with its majestic surround and beautiful settings, not to mention the warm relaxed atmosphere coupled by friendly hosts with delicious food on offer.

We decided to explore the country side for a long overdue break and came across the most wonderful, warm and inviting Bed and Breakfast Allfoldcrossways , set on a farm surrounded by the most beautiful views. In the heart of the country side its position is perfect as it’s near enough to the local shops and transport. The rooms were spacious, comfortable and well furnished; the weekend away was such a treat, we will be doing this more often in the future. Next time we go to Bed and Breakfast Sussex, Bed and Breakfast Haslemere and Bed and Breakfast Wisborough Green we will be taking our bikes so we can explore around the area.


Marquee Hire takes the fuss out of event planning

We all have dreams and some so beautiful of your wedding day. We all want the perfect wedding whether it’s a picnic in the park or on the banks of a river, a winter wonderland white wedding (even in summer) or a traditional wedding. Make your dream wedding your own? But how you might be wondering, that’s what Marquee Hire is good at, helping you make your dreams a reality.

They are the experts in wedding planning and marquee hire throughout the UK. They take all the stress and fuss out of event organising ensuring the client has a successful party or wedding without any unexpected mishaps.

Let your imagination run wild with possibilities and ideas with Marquee Kingswood, Marquee Arundel, Marquee Pulborough, Marquee Cranleigh, Marquee Reigate, Marquee Dorking, Marquee Guildford, Marquee Farnham, Marquee West Sussex,Marquee Chichester and Marquee Godalming


Lodge Brothers the family you can turn to…

We recently had the difficult, emotional and unenviable task of choosing granite headstones London. We have dealt with Lodge Brothers previously and received such good service so we decided to go back to them with our request. We trust their advice and we know they give honest, sound advice with a sympathetic approach.

We particularly wanted a lawn memorial and were immediately impressed with their large selection; they patiently went through the option with us until we were 100% satisfied we had chosen the perfect granite memorial headstone.

Thank you Lodge Brothers professional staff for easing the pain of having to deal such a sensitive issue.

Click here for more information on granite memorials London and pre paid funeral services

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