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IBS are market leaders in innovative Industrial Services equipment and solutions. They have a reputation as leaders in cutting edge technology for Industrial Blower Equipment such as Industrial Vacuum Loader and Industrial Vacuum Services which are known for their high performance, robust equipment, cost effective and versatility. So versatile they vacuum wet and dry spillage … Continue reading »


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IBS supply Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Biogas Compressor, Portable Vacuum, Pneumatic and Vacuum Conveying and Fabrication products and services to the Industrial, Utility, Manufacturing, Road Tanker, Muncipal and Commercial sectors in the UK & US The HV pump systems BOC Edwards vacuum booster combine Edwards expertise in manufacture and assembly of complete industrial vacuum systems with Dresser’s … Continue reading »


Vacuum Pumps for sale

Overview IBS employ dedicated experts in vacuum technologies, applications and systems. We can advise what type of equipment is best suited to provide the solution for a particular application based on key requirements including vacuum level, volume to be evacuated, evacuation time, operating costs and environmental issues. Utilisation Vacuum pumps and systems are widely used … Continue reading »